The voice-over work I've done for Hallmark is split into two categories here: Singing Roles and Speaking Roles.


Singing Roles

Request-a-Song Mimi

You can learn all about Mimi, watch videos, and download all her songs (for free!) right  here . 

You can learn all about Mimi, watch videos, and download all her songs (for free!) right here

I was the voice of Request-a-Song Mimi, a happy mouse who sings 7 original songs and responds upon request.

I didn't have to sound like a character for her, but rather like a much younger me. It was easy to get into Mimi's mindset because when I was a little girl, I loved the same things as her: singing and family.

Holiday Gift Wrap Tutorial

This was one of the few recordings I got to do in my normal voice. It was fun to pretend to be an "Indie singer" for a little while, and then go back to paparazzi-free life in which I eat many donuts.


Whirlin, Twirlin' Turtle

Get your own right  here !

Get your own right here!

This spunky turtle spins while singing an original Hallmark tune, which I recorded in my best Bart Simpson-esque voice.

The audio is unedited (not pitched or altered to sound like a character).

The Whirlin', Twirlin' Turtle came out for Easter 2017, along with a book that tells his story.


Easter Flappy Happy Chick

Although I did my best impression of what squeaky, happy, tiny bird might sound like, my voice had to be pitched up in order to achieve this sound.

This was one of the first recording sessions where "giggles" were in high demand. I was a little worried that they weren't sounding authentic, but then I realized that anything coming out of the mouth of a cute baby bird sounds adorable.
Thanks, cute baby bird.


Speaking Roles

Ava the Animal Rescuer

Click   here   to buy the book!

Click here to buy the book!

This interactive Hallmark book is about Ava, a fearless protector and rescuer of animals. You can hear her in action as she dives into all sorts of adventures.

I loved pretending to be Ava, who I think is an inspiring children's character. It would've been even more fun with actual monkeys in the studio. But hey, maybe next time.



2015 Northpole Communicator

This holiday microphone communicates with Santa and "actual" elves (one of them is me) in the North Pole. For the 2015 edition, I played a bilingual elf named Clementine. These sound clips are in Spanish.