Carolina Fernandez

Carolina Fernandez



Driven by her passion for people and dedication to problem-solving, Carolina specializes in merging communications with empathy. Her goal is to use her voice and skills to help those whose voices are not often heard.

From being Hallmark’s first bilingual creative writer, to copywriting for an ad agency’s multicultural clients, to starting her own community initiatives, Carolina brings her sunny energy and wide-ranging communications skills to everything she does.






Lettering & Illustration


Voice Work

Request-a Song Mimi

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Social Media


Special Projects & Blogs


Carolina launched a writing project called “Gender Challenge”, which flipped the script on gender stereotypes. The team of writers created messages in praise of strong, empowered females and caring, compassionate males.

Writing from “Gender Challenge” was featured on Father’s Day 2017 cards, and across many cards since, and was featured on a blog post Carolina authored for Think.Make.Share.

In November 2016, Carolina brought in Jennifer Siebel Newsom to speak at Hallmark. Newsom created the Netflix documentaries Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In, and founded The Representation Project.

Carolina spearheaded this 7-month effort and executed the project from start to finish, handling all the macro and micro responsibilities, back-and-forth communications with TRP; planning and executing the day’s minute-to-minute details, including a panel discussion with Hallmark business leaders.

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Ability to:

  • work with teams & autonomously

  • work in creative & strategic environments

  • learn fast, problem-solve & deliver solutions efficiently

  • think outside the box

  • balance various projects at once & meet hard deadlines

  • work across various mediums

  • listen openly & speak up professionally

  • motivate & encourage others

Skills & Expertise:

  • English & Spanish fluency (writing & conversation)

  • English & Spanish Proofreading

  • Multimedia, multiplatform writing

  • Social media creative content (graphics, videos & copy)

  • Current events & social justice issues

  • Hand-lettering & design (Photoshop)

  • News & Research

  • Microsoft Office


  • Organized

  • Hardworking

  • Communicative

  • Empathetic

  • Collaborative

IN A NUTSHELL: Marketing campaigns for multilingual & multicultural clients | Writing ad copy & creative for TV, radio, print & digital |  Children's books | Greeting cards | Blogs about diversity & intersectional issues | TV, radio, print & digital advertising | Newspaper & news radio articles | Social media content | Multicultural consulting | Community outreach work | Spanish-language medical interpreting | Proofreading Hallmark novels | Voiceover work



Imagen. The Marketing Agency
Oct. 2017 – present

  • Copywriter in fast-paced agency, writing and developing English & Spanish creative for multi-platform advertising (TV, print, radio, digital, social, and out-of-home)

  • Social media planning, writing, graphics and video production

  • Learning the audiences & establishing appropriate voices for a variety of clients (e.g. Simply Healthcare; El Latino Foods; Benworth Capital)

  • Proofreading final marketing product

Senior Writer, Bilingual
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
June 2012 – Sept. 2017

  • First & only bilingual creative writer for 5 years

  • Writing cards, books, gift copy & social media content

  • Consulting on creative strategy for multicultural consumer needs

  • Researching issues of diversity & leading inclusivity and/or awareness initiatives

    • e.g. Founded Vibrant Voices, an internal blog about diversity with ~600 readers corporate-wide 

Hallmark Publishing
Sept. 2017 – present

  • Proofreading full-length novels before they were published

Medical Interpreter, Volunteer
JayDoc Free Family Clinic
Aug. 2012 – Dec. 2016

  • Volunteering Mon-Thurs nights as a Spanish-language interpreter at a clinic for un- or under-insured patients (~50% were non-English speaking)

    Received “Interpreter of the Year Award” in 2013


Teacher | Caretaker
Funvivir – Cartagena, Colombia
Jan. – Feb. 2015

  • Spent a month at Funvivir (Fundación Ayúdame a Vivir), a foundation for children with cancer in in Cartagena (my dad’s hometown)

  • Working to create a classroom environment for kids (3-12 y.o.) who were missing school while receiving treatment

  • Finding creative teaching solutions to meet the needs of children whose ages, energy levels & health conditions varied


Features Editor
University Press

  • Writing and managing features section of FAU newspaper

  • Meeting fast weekly deadlines

  • Collaboration with editorial and design staff


Radio Intern (WIOD & Y100)
ClearChannel Communications

  • Writing stories for news radio station WIOD

  • Communications (website, event promotion, writing spots, etc.) for top-40 station Y100



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The rates below are for one child. Please contact me regarding rates for additional children.


  • Full-time nanny - $20 per hour

  • Babysitter - $25 per hour

  • Newborn caregiver - $45 per hour

  • Overnight care - $150 a night

  • Travel - $150 a day + expenses


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